Florida’s National Guard Leader Reappointed

Maj. Gen. Emmet R. "Buddy" Titshaw will stay as leader of the Florida National Guard.

Rick Scott will be sworn in as Florida Governor Tuesday at noon in Tallahassee. But, he is already making his mark selecting his own people to head state agencies like the Department of Corrections and the Division of Emergency Management.

But, there is one Florida leader Scott is keeping, Major General Emmet R. “Buddy” Titshaw, the current Adjutant General of  the Florida National Guard.

Scott cited Titshaw’s leadership as commander of  the Joint Task Force Florida during hurricanes Katrina and Wilma in 2005 and the major general’s nearly four decades experience in the National Guard.

Titshaw took over command of the Florida Guard in June 2010 after being named to the post by Gov. Charlie Crist. Prior to that, his most recent position was as special assistant to the Director of the Air National Guard in Washington D.C.

There are currently about 12,000 National guardsmen in Florida and approximately 500 are deployed overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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