Marines Facebook Nears 1,000,000 Friends

Thanks to for pointing out that the U.S. Marines are about to pass a milestone with Facebook fans. At last check, their site had more than 999,100 (a correction as of 12 January 2011 EDT 6:57) 904,399 fans.

Here’s an example of the information you gain by being a fan:

According to Milblogging, the Marines are outpacing the other military branches fan bases. As of Jan. 10, 2011, the Facebook pages breakout:

The U.S. Army: 583,184 People Like This
U.S. Air Force: 291,980 People Like This
U.S. Navy: 256,389 People Like This
U.S. Coast Guard: 46,289 People Like This

It’s important to remember that only those on Facebook can “Like This.” So, any measure of popularity should take that into account. No matter the numbers, Milblogging writes that the military branches appear the most successful at using the social medium.

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