MacDill 6th Air Mobility Wing Loses a Top Commander

Col. David Haar

The Commander of MacDill‘s 6th Maintenance Group, Col. David Haar, died of natural causes Friday. His unexpected loss affects not only his wife, Teri, and two daughters Melissa and Elisabeth, it also hits home with the airmen he lead and the entire MacDill family.

“Col. Haar’s life and service has left a significant impact on this base,” said Col. Lenny Richoux, 6th Air Mobility Wing commander, in a written statement to the media.

Haar is a recent graduate from the Air War College, Maxwell AFB Alabama. He joined the Air Force in 1989 as a distinguished graduate of the Notre Dame ROTC program. He had experience with several types of aircraft and worked on both the flight line and  in the back shop. Haar also served as an acquisition logistics engineer while stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB.

During his service career, Haar deployed multiple times to support Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

At MacDill, Haar oversaw the maintenance of all aircraft and munitions for the 6th Air Mobility Wing as well as MacDill’s other units like U.S. Central Command.

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