Paying Tribute to a Soldier’s Best Friend

A friend on Facebook posted a Youtube video that caught my attention. It was a tribute to military trained dogs. A quick search and you can find scores of such videos. Here are a few I thought worth sharing.

3 Responses

  1. Dogs are great! Could you see a cat being trained? Not Likely.
    The cats perspective.
    In training.
    You want me to do what? That?! You first master (notice lower case M). I’ll watch you. Then think about it. Maybe, after I am done grooming myself. Oh I also don’t do rainy days either.

    After training (dreaming I know).
    Can’t I just stay here in the Humvee?
    You want me to go there and do what…again! Come on now I thought I was done with such foolishness. How ’bout I take a nap? Okay, okay I’m going. Faster? I am a cat you know. I like sneaking up on things. Stay to the shadows ya know!? Okay okay I’m going. Come back? When? Okay but if I’m not back soon enough don’t send the regiment after me. I may have found a nice place to curl up. You know how grouchy I get when disturbed from a nap.
    Yep! I don’t think cats would work! 🙂

  2. What a humorous take. Thanks for giving me a smile Harold.

  3. I found this book to contain a vast array of useful information for anyone starting out in the U. S. Army.
    Information is laid out in a very user friend format. Many FM’s were used as references for this book. It is a good overview and starting point.

    Wessling S SPC E4

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