The Thrill of Coming Home, Daily

One of the many blessings of the internet  is connecting with people who are doing good work and reaching out to help others. I learned about  Welcome Home when its creator started following Off the Base on Twitter. The only request: please pass along the website.

It’s a site where families can post their own home videos of military homecomings. It should come with a warning though – to have a box of tissues handy. It never gets old watching young children fly into the arms of their returned parent.

New videos are posted daily. There are surprises where dads visit their child’s school or a husband surprises a wife at work.

I and most of the news media in Tampa covered such a homecoming when Air Force Reserve Staff Sgt. Will Terry surprised his wife, a second grade teacher at Thonotosassa Elementary School, coming home days early after seven months in Iraq.

The Welcome Home Blog website also has some “best of” videos. This one includes my all time favorite of a dog welcoming home its master. It starts about 28 seconds into the 5 minute video.

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