US Government Releases Videos of Bin Laden

The Pentagon has released videos of Osama Bin Laden that were seized when U.S. Navy Seals raided his compound earlier this week and killed the al-Qaida leader.

A link to one of the videos showing Bin Laden watching TV is here.

In addition to the government released videos, ABC News has exclusive video from inside the compound here.

And since I’m posting videos, I will repost the video of Robert Bergdahl asking the Taliban to return his son, Army PFC Bowe Bergdahl, who was captured almost two years ago in Afghanistan and is being held captive in Pakistan.

I posted this late yesterday and fear not many have viewed it. The YouTube video had about 100 hits when I found it. That count is only up to just over 5,000.

Mr. Bergdahl’s video plea is worth watching to see the dignity of a father who shows respect and restraint even when addressing the men holding his son. Robert Bergdahl may your words be heard.


Again, my apology that I’ve yet to resolve the video embedding issue. But the link will take you to YouTube.

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