Schenecker Sues His Wife for Murdering Calyx and Beau

Below is a statement released by Parker Schenecker through a family spokesperson.

Today (Monday), I have filed a wrongful death suit as well as other filings against my wife Julie for the murders of my children Calyx and Beau.

This is a necessary step in my desire to give voice to my children and to ensure that throughout what may happen in future criminal and civil litigation, Calyx and Beau are not forgotten.

I feel strongly that Julie be held accountable for her selfish acts on January 27, 2011 when she silenced my children..I won’t let that happen again. They deserve to be heard.

I am choosing to file this suit to give voice to my children and to hold their murderer accountable for what she did. As I’ve said, my loss is total. But I won’t let my children be silenced or forgotten now or ever.

This is another step in my commitment to them, to my family and friends, their friends and to the public – to honor my kids and the way they lived.  If I did not file this suit I would not be true to my children or my character.

I now look to the judicial system for help. It’s a system I swore to protect and defend along with the US Constitution for more than 27 years in uniform. I have faith this system, that defends good over evil, will do the right thing and hold my children’s muderer accountable for her actions.

Parker Schenecker

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