Thank a Service Member – Today

Military Families Ministry in Colorado holds a Thank You cards for the troops signing May 27, 2011 outside King Soopers grocery.

By Tracie Ciambotti

Military Families Ministry is currently collecting “thank you” cards and letters to send to deployed service members this 4th of July.  Our Colorado group from the Mountain View Fellowship in Strasburg hosted a “Thank a Soldier” card signing this past Saturday at the King Soopers grocery store.  We got 81 cards signed in four hours and received generous contributions from many towards our printing and postage costs.

I was, however, saddened at the number of individuals that said “no thanks” or “not today” when we asked if they wanted to help us thank soldiers currently deployed.  Some walked by—completely ignoring our invitation to thank the brave men and women in uniform who sacrifice to preserve our freedoms.

Gary McComb is a member of the Colorado Military Families Ministry, a member of the Colorado Patriot Guard Riders and a veteran.

It was shocking to me and others in my group, that on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, people hurried in and out of the grocery store buying food for their parties and family gatherings that would take place on Memorial Day, but seemingly forgot the purpose of this holiday.

As the mother of an Army sergeant, it is difficult for me to comprehend that so many Americans are naïve to the sacrifice that is honored and remembered on Memorial Day.  For me, it was not just another holiday or a reason to have a party.

I know the sacrifice personally—particularly since my son will be leaving in a couple weeks for his third deployment since 2005.  As the co-founder of Military Families Ministry, I also know many service members who are currently serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Kuwait, and other locations that did not spend this holiday with their families.  There were families who struggled through the day in agony as they missed a loved one who died defending our freedom.

If you would like to send a “Thank you” to a deployed service member, visit Military Families Ministry to download our Thank you card.

You can send notes online or mail them directly:

Military Families Ministry

49220 Antelope Drive West

Bennett, CO  80102

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