Flowers to Thank Military Members and Their Families

There’s nothing more special than a surprise bouquet. I’m fortunate to live next door to neighbors who have family in the wholesale flower business. On occasion, when they close down for the weekend, there’s a surplus of blooms. So, my neighbors share their good fortune.

I in turn will make a double batch of banana bread to give back as a thank you.

It’s a Friday night ritual of beauty and generosity that I wish I could share in person with every spouse, parent and child who has a loved one serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It’s not a realistic wish. Okay, I’m a dreamer.

And while it may not be as fragrant or as pleasurable – tonight’s blog entry is simply to share a few photos of my “Friday Night Flowers.” May you enjoy their beauty and be warmed by the spirit of thankfulness that your nation has for your service – that means the whole family’s service.

Drop me a line at or share a comment on the blog to tell me about your best surprise gift received while your family member was deployed.

On ABC World News with Diane Sawyer produced a story about neighbors and volunteers who help families of deployed military – mowing lawns, doing shopping or taking on a carpool. What is needed, let us civilians know.

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