Military Base Schools: 3 out of 4 in Disrepair

A deteriorating roof at Clarkmoor Elementary at Fort Lewis, Washington. Emma Schwartz/iWatch News

Cockroach infestations, overcrowded classrooms are just two of the poor conditions found by reporter Kristen Lombardi who looked at  schools on military bases run by the Department of Defense. Three out of every four schools were found  in disrepair or beyond renovation.

The learning environment is important because many of those military children attending the schools also live with the reality that at least one of their parents will deploy – more than once. A new Rand study finds that longer, multiple deployments can affect student test scores.

You can read Lombardi’s full story HERE.

You can access the list of Pentagon rated schools HERE.

The project comes from the Center for Public Integrity’s iWatch News. Reporting included visits to two dozen base schools around the world and interviews with nearly 200 teachers, administrators, parents, students, Defense Department officials, researchers, and other sources. Thousands of pages of school and Pentagon documents, including facility assessments, deployment studies and reports to Congress, also opened a window on conditions and consequences for students.

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