Army Dad Works to Reconnect after Deployment

Exhausted after a day at play, Brian and his daughter Paisley.

I think my greatest fear about my husband’s redeployment earlier this year was how our young children would adjust to their father being in the home. They knew their Daddy, naturally, however they weren’t quite used to him being in our home.

Memories of his previous redeployment flashed in my head like a horrible nightmare I couldn’t wake from. Paisley, our oldest princess, wanted nothing to do with Brian.

That is putting it nicely, it wasn’t as though she just ignored him and gave him the silent treatment, it was more like she screamed at the sight of him. We had to bribe her with Goldfish crackers to go near him, and I couldn’t leave the room.

Needless to say, this caused stress and anxiety for all of us. With these less than sugarplum like visions dancing in my head, I braced myself for redeployment. I was so excited to have my husband coming home, yet so scared.

Well, with all of that said, the countless hours I spent worrying were wasted. Paisley clung to her Daddy instantly, and she talks his ear off, …”Daddy, do you like Mickey? I like Mickey…” “Daddy, I want Cheetos” “Daddy I wanna cuddle with you.”

Paisley, left, and Anastin, right, draw with chalk on the driveway with Dad.

Anastin, our youngest princess, took some time, but warmed up nicely.

Both girls love their father tremendously and show it in so many ways. Ana reaches out for Brian every time she sees him, “HA DA DA”, cuddling up on his chest and giving kisses. Paisley always wants to be with her Daddy and does everything with him.

I smile while doing the dishes, looking out watching Paisley and Brian walking our dog Holly. It makes me giggle to see Brian dress up in the finest of tiaras and have tea with our princesses. He takes every chance he can to soak in the time with his children, because inevitably he will deploy.

Dad takes his daughter, Paisley, for a kayak ride.

While deployments never seem to get easier for the aching heart, this last redeployment was such an improvement that it gives me hope for a close family again. For a while, I feared we would always have this rift caused by constant separation, constant training, constant deployments. I have hope that my daughters will forge strong bonds with their father, and will have close relationships through it all. I know that as long as Brian is a soldier, life will not be the cookie cutter model that the Cleavers taught us it could be, but rather we will make our own.


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  1. Thank you Jackie for this insight and openness. I hope all will continue to go well for your family, best wishes.

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