Prayers for Those Lost in This and All Conflicts

I, like most, am struggling with the devastating loss of the 37 Americans and Afghans in a helicopter crash. I do not know how to respond. “Old-school” journalists are supposed to remain objective, emotionally detached. Yet, whether it’s 37 or just one death, there now are families without a father, a son, an uncle, a brother, a spouse.

My response was to turn to a friend, a trained minister and Off the Base blog contributor Dorie Griggs. I asked if she could write a short prayer to share. And, the great friend that she is she offered me, fellow readers and the families of those killed this comfort:


Our hearts ache with the tragic news of Saturday morning’s helicopter crash in Afghanistan and the death of so many of American the Afghan soldiers. Prayers of condolence are sent to the families and friends of the fallen, their battle buddies, and to the scores of soldiers and support personnel who are in mourning today. Help us to be mindful of ways in which we can reach out to the families of these soldiers and the scores of soldiers carrying on throughout the world.

She also shared this prayer received from the National Chaplain:

REV. LIN MCGEE, National Chaplain

I come on my knees this day to beseech each and every member of our organization to stay in constant prayer for our beloved troops and their waiting families.

This morning, in Afghanistan, Taliban insurgents shot down a United States Chinook helicopter, killing 31 (UPDATED reports now say 30 Americans were killed) of our precious children along with the 7 Afghans that were also aboard.

Gracious God above, how long will this war go on and how many heroes will we loose!  The Department of Defense has issued a statement — yet no statement will ever bring these children back to their waiting mothers and other loved ones.  Our hearts are broken!

Please pray for these families ~ please pray for all of our families that are enduring this war from the front lines!!  Please pray that the devastation and loss from the war will soon be over!

People see us and they think our lives are as others — but they are not.  Each day we await our heroes, each day our stomachs burn, our throats are filled with lumps, and our eyes tear in a moment.  Some days it is difficult just to get up, brush our teeth, and get our cloths on.  Some days are impossible – like today.  We are the families whose loved ones guard the world with commitment, dedication, and often the giving of their own lives.

I shall pray for you throughout the day.  I know each of our lives has been shattered by this horrific tragedy.


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