Ten-Year-Old Wants His Army Dad Remembered

The Department of Defense just released the names of all 30 U.S. military forces killed in Saturday’s shoot-down. You can read their names HERE.

A 10-year-old son of one of the 30 U.S. military personnel killed in the CH-47 Helo crash in Afghanistan wants his dad remember too. Braydon Nichols had watched news reports over the past several days that mentioned the names and showed the photographs of many of the Special Forces killed. But, his father, Bryan Nichols, was not among them.

So, Braydon Nichols sent a photo of his father, an Army pilot, and this message to CNN’s Citizen Reporting website – IReport:

Braydon Nichols, via CNN.com Braydon Nichols, 10, sent CNN a photo of his father Bryan, far left, an Army pilot who was killed in an insurgent attack in Afghanistan.

iReport —

My father was one of the 30 US Soldiers killed in Afghanistan yesterday with the Seals rescue mission. My father was the pilot of the chinook. I have seen other pictures of victims from this deadly mission and wish you would include a picture of my father. He is the farthest to the left.


Braydon Nichols, 10 yrs old

Kansas City, MO

CNN producers said they verified the information and talked to adults in Braydon Nichols’ family before making his post public.

The Pentagon has delayed releasing the names of those killed. But, several media outlets – including iCasualties.org, have publicized many of the names and photos of the SEALs and other service members killed Saturday when the Taliban downed the CH-47 helo. It was a Special Operations mission with 30 U.S. military, 7 Afghan soldiers and a civilian interpreter  in Wardak Province, Afghanistan.

Most of those aboard were Special Forces which makes their surviving children eligible for a free college education through the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Due to the enormity of the tragedy, the SOWF board of directors voted Wednesday to provide its services to the families of all the U.S. troops killed aboard the helicopter downed on Aug. 6th.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is in the process of contacting the families to let them know about the opportunity which includes tuition, books, fees, room and board, a computer and a printer.


4 Responses

  1. Braydon, your Dad is a Hero!

    Good for SOWF!

  2. Braydon,

    I served with your Dad and the other enlisted members from Bravo Company in March and April this year, he was a great man. I am a fueler and almost everyday I refueled his chinook. I have no words to say how I feel for this tragedy. He is a hero!.
    SGT Rojas
    E Co/7 BN/158th AV RGT

  3. Braydon,
    Because of your plea I will never forget your fathers sacrifice. Your father, Bryan Nichols, served with honor and is forever an American Hero. Because you would not let his passing go unnoticed by America you were a hero to your dad. God Bless you and your family and may your fathers legacy live on forever.

  4. I am sorry that your dad died but you’ll see him again. Remember everything happens through christ the is our savour. I Know that your dad is a great person. I am welling to pray for you and our family. I even have some experience in my life, but none like that. My name is Jeffery Bateman by the way.I know how hard it is for you, but be proud of your dad honor him like you will honor christ. Through faith anything can happen.

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