Voluneers Needed to “Wrap Up” U.S. Forces in Afghanistan

Photo courtesty of Operation Gratitude Blog.

Photo courtesty of Operation Gratitude Blog.

It’s August: temperatures are steadily in the 90s, a hurricane is taking aim at Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. What better time to breakout your crochet hooks and knitting needles to hand-craft winter scarves.

It’s time to gear up for Operation Gratitude’s 2011 Fall/Winter Scarf Project. From Girl Scout Troops to Grannies – they’re looking for volunteers to craft scarves for U.S. Troops who will spend the winter in Afghanistan.

“We look forward to receiving lovingly handmade items of warmth to send to our troops, and it is our goal to include a handmade scarf or hat in each and every care package.
Our first Assembly Day for care packages is Saturday, October  15th. We have three assembly days in November…. the 6th, 25th and 26th, with our final assembly day of the season scheduled for Saturday, December 17th when we will send our 700,000th package!!”

Photo courtesy of Operation Gratitude Blog.

There are only a few guidelines:

  • Operation Gratitude must receive the items by Dec. 12, 2011.
  • Keep the patterns simple – size restrictions (5-7″ across and no longer than 45″- 50″). NO FRINGE.
  • Hats are permitted.
  • Choose soft yarn in subdued colors. NO red-white-and-blue PLEASE.

Operation Gratitude/California Army National Guard

17330 Victory  Boulevard

Van Nuys, CA  91406

Attn: Scarves For Troops

For full details on the project are available HERE.

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