Poor Conditions at Schools on Military Bases Assessed

A deteriorating roof at Clarkmoor Elementary at Fort Lewis, Washington. Emma Schwartz/iWatch News

In June, reporter Kristen Lombard found cockroach infestations, peeling paint, overcrowded class rooms and reported that three out of four public schools on military bases were  in disrepair or beyond renovation.

You can read Lombardi’s full story HERE.

You can access the list of Pentagon rated schools HERE.

Tuesday, the Department of Defense released its facilities assessment which is part of an overall review of public schools on military installations. Conditions were assessed at 157 out of 160 public schools on bases. The three not included were built in the last year.

The schools were graded on condition and capacity and ranked from worse to best. Condition is weighted slightly heavier than capacity. You can find the DoD’s assessment priority list HERE.

Based on the Defense Department’s priority list, public schools on military installations with the greatest need will be invited by the Office of Economic Adjustment to apply for grants to be used towards construction, renovation, repair, or expansion of current facilities.

For more information on the school facility assessment, methodology and grant process, click here .

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