A Mom’s Update on Her Young Marine Now in Afghanistan

April and Jared visiting the WUSF Studios just after he got out of boot camp, November 2010.

It was little more than a year ago that 17-year-old Jared Agle left his Florida home a week early for Marine Boot Camp at Paris Island. I work his with his mother April Agle. She’s in the WUSF Business Office.

I met Jared before he left and talked with him again when he returned after 13 weeks of basic training. He left again for months of infantry training before deploying to Afghanistan several weeks ago.

April and her husband have gotten a few phone calls from Afghanistan, but the calls are infrequent and often it drops out. She said it took 30 days for the first family “care package” of food and personal hygiene items to reach Jared’s Forward Operating Base. His comment to her, many serving with him don’t get any packages.

April's USO Teddy Bear.

Like any mother, April worries Jared, but she balances it with an inner pride as she watches her young son mature into a man – a U.S. Marine Lance Corporal. So it was an extra special surprise when she found a package on her doorstep the other day.

Inside the box was a short message for his mom and a USO Teddy Bear wearing a t-shirt. The front says, “My arms may be short, but …” and on the back “… they reach all the way around the world.”

The Teddy Bear was a sign to April that her son was still the thoughtful young man she raised –  who remembered to mail his younger sister a birthday card and thought to send his mom a Teddy Bear while on his way to a combat zone.

April is sharing her journey as a new military mom. Here are a few of her stories:

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3 Responses

  1. A thoughtful young man/soldier. Looking forward to more news.

  2. I have a friend that served in the military and she told me about a website that offers special discounts for military families. What I found surprising was that it not only offers discounts through national companies, they had local restaurants and merchants that offered great deals, some were owned by vets. They also had news, some hilarious jokes, information for people interested in joining the military and so much more! Has anyone else seen this sight and have you gone to some of the businesses listed. Please let me know. The website is: mymilitarypages.com

  3. […] Marine son of my colleague and friend, April Agle,  is beginning his journey home from his first deployment to Afghanistan. We’ll share news […]

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