Iraq Veteran Credits Service Dog for Saving Him from Suicide

Former Army Capt. Luis Carlos Montalvan and his service dog, Tuesday.

During a private reception in Roseville, California Friday night, retired U.S. Army Captain Luis Carlos Montalvan relayed a startling statistic: Every day in this country, 18 veterans commit suicide.

“We are going through a war in this country and it’s not in Iraq or Afghanistan,” Montalvan said, in a news release about the event. “I don’t know what’s wrong with our generals, our leaders, our citizens, but that statistic alone should be on the front pages of every newspaper.”

This figure comes from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, which reports that an average of 950 suicide attempts occurred monthly in 2010 by veterans receiving treatment from the department.

Montalvan authored the book, “Until Tuesday,” about how his service dog, Tuesday, brought him back from the brink of suicide.

The New York Times bestselling author and New York City resident struggled with post traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury from his service in Iraq. Far more soldiers come home with these “invisible wounds from war” than with amputated limbs, he said.

The United States has deployed 2.2 million soldiers since the war in Iraq began in 2003, he said.

You can read Sena Christian’s full story in the Roseville online newspaper HERE.

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