Deployed Troops Need Your Extra Halloween Candy

Volunteers packing care packages at the Treats for Troops Warehouse.

WANTED: Your over abundance of Halloween candy. Treats for Troops uses the individually wrapped sweets as a filler in the boxes they pack and ship to deployed Soldiers, Seamen, Airmen and Marines.

The organization ships about 1200 boxes to troops every month. There is no limit on the kind of candy they’ll accept as long they are individually wrapped. Chocolate is acceptable this time of year.

The boxes are sent to troops in remote combat zones who don’t have access to a base commissary. So the care packages contain essentials like toothpaste, baby wipes and feminine hygiene products as well as convenience foods like hot chocolate, instant soups and cereal bars. A full list of needed items is available HERE.

You can ship your Halloween candy directly to the warehouse:

29807 State Road 54
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543

The troops share the sweets among themselves and with the children in Afghanistan or Iraq which helps with building relationships.

Now through Nov. 3rd, Tampa dentist, Dr. Randall Diez, is offering to pay $1 per pound for your Halloween candy. He is donating all the confections he collects to Treats for Troops. The two drop-off locations for the Halloween Candy Buy-Back as well as the times and dates are available HERE.

For more information on Treats for Troops you can contact:

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