Panetta: Automatic Budget Cuts Would Devastate Military

Leon E. Panetta testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee June 9, 2011. Photo courtesy of DoD Screen capture.

In a letter dated Monday, a day before his testimony to Congress, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta detailed what automatic budget cuts would do to the military:

  • U.S. ground forces would drop to 1940 levels
  • U.S. Navy ships would shrink in number to 1915 levels
  • U.S. Air Force would be the smallest in its history

Panetta wrote the letter to Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, Republican members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

According to the Associated Press story, Panetta, who has used apocalyptic terms such as “doomsday,” “hollow force” and “paper tiger” to describe the cuts, said the military would have to rethink its strategy.

You can read the full story HERE.

One Response

  1. Obama wants the USA weaker so we don’t “offend” anyone!

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