Top 7 Scams Targetting Veterans and Military Families

Photo courtesy of the BBB Military website.

Veterans Day had a way of bringing out the scammers – unethical people and companies who target veterans – especially older vets, cautioned the Better Business Bureau.

The bureau has a BBB Military Line with free consumer protection and financial literacy services and online resources with information on the latest scams, schemes, and ID theft tactics.

The top seven scams the BBB Military Line said Veterans and military families should watch out for:

  1. Someone posing as the Veterans Administration and contacting vets to say they need to update their credit card, bank or other financial records with the VA.
  2. Charging veterans for services, such as military records, they could get for free or less expensively elsewhere.
  3. Fraudulent investment schemes that convince veterans to transfer their assets into an irrevocable trust.
  4. Offering “instant approval” military loans (“no credit check,” “all ranks approved”) that can have high interest rates and hidden fees.
  5. Advertising housing online with military discounts and incentives, and then bilking service personnel out of the security deposit.
  6. Trying to sell things like security systems to spouses of deployed military personnel by saying the service member ordered it to protect his or her family.
  7. Selling stolen vehicles at low prices by claiming to be soldiers who need to sell fast because they’ve been deployed.

The BBB also warns that the holiday season is a time to watch out for questionable charity appeals that say they are raise money on behalf of military organizations. Before you donate, you can check out the organization with the BBB to verify that the charity meets BBB charity standards.


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  1. These kind of people are unethical! I said it before put them all in one group and put them on the front line somewhere. They would probably start shooting each other. Jail is too ethical for them!

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