Army-Navy Game: A Gridiron and Family Tradition Continues

The first Army-Navy Game, 1890. Photo courtesy of the website.

The Army-Navy Game tradition in my family was molded by my mother-in-law who dearly loved her husband, a career Army officer, and her only child, my husband who served in the Navy.

There was always a friendly $1 wager between father and son. Irene made sure the loser paid up and she was the consummate  diplomat, cheering for Army during the first  half and cheering on Navy in the second half. She always had great snacks on hand and would usually make the favorite dinner of the loser that year. It was always a fun family gathering.

Army-Navy Game 1916 at the Polo Grounds in New York City. Photo from Wikipedia.

Both of my husband’s parents rest now at Arlington National Cemetery. So, now I bet my husband a $1 on the game and cheer on the Army team for my father-in-law and always have his favorite food ready to eat.

What Is Your Family Army-Navy Tradition

Does your family have an Army-Navy tradition? Are there other split allegiances out there among military families? Share how you resolve mixed military loyalties in our comments section or email me and I’ll post your traditions for you.

Army-Navy Game: First Football Helmet

Here is a special take on the Army-Navy Game tradition by Lefty McNeil who posted a “Two-Minute Drill” on YouTube. He’s former Army but gives an interesting rundown of why you should watch the game this year and a bit of history.

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