Veterans Advice Blog on Service-Connected Conditions

A Tribute to Iwo Jima. Image by Damian Brandon via Free Digital Photos.

There can never be too much information or assistance on how to navigate the Department of Veterans’ Administration due to its complexity and duality; service benefits and health care.

So, I’m pleased to bring you another blog link by David Peters. He started his blog, Veterans Advice, to help Veterans and their families cut through the red tape.

I’ve not met Mr. Peters, but here’s a bit of his background from his blog:

I am a Persian Gulf War era disabled veteran.  The Navy retired me after 14 years of service, on Christmas Eve 1996.  Since then I have worked with Veteran Service Organizations and the Department of Veterans Affairs.  During this time, as a result of my efforts, I’ve helped veterans and their families get over $1 million in benefits they’ve earned.  It’s not the money I’m focused on.  It’s the vast improvement in the quality of life for the veterans and their families that drives me.

So, give his blog a look. His most recent entry discusses Service-Connected injuries.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for your kinds words and for sharing my blog. I remember what it was like when I had my first dealings with the VA. The good news is the VA has vastly improved. The sad news is they still haven’t provided much information.

    Thanks again – David

  2. First, Thank You for your service David Peters. Thank You for helping other Veterans.

    • Thanks Harold – I would go back in Navy today, if they would let me. But since I can’t, I’m happy to continue serving by doing my best to prevent others from having the experiences with the VA I had.

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