Marines to Track Head Injuries in a New Data Base

The Neurocognitive Assessment Tool (NCAT) will allow unit medical personnel to record TBIs and suspected concussions into the Medical Readiness Reporting System, a comprehensive database. Above, a Marine onboard an Army medevac helicopter reacts after he was wounded in an IED strike near Sangin, Helmand province, on June 4. File Photo/The Associated Press

Aiming to improve diagnosis and medical treatment, the Marine Corps will begin collecting data Jan. 1, 2012 on all Marines and seamen with concussions and possible Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

The data will be recorded in a comprehensive database and all Marines and seamen will be tracked while they remain in the service according to the Marine Times:

“We want to ensure the health and safety of our Marines and sailors. If they are exposed to an event, we want to make sure they receive the proper treatment” before they return to full duty, officials said in a response to questions provided by Capt. Greg Wolf, a Marine Corps spokesman at the Pentagon.

“Their commanders can maintain visibility on them, no matter where they go within our Corps,” officials said. “Once a Marine or sailor becomes a civilian, there will be an institutional record to assist with future health care.” – The Marine Times.Com

In addition to recording new head injuries, the database will include prior events that could have caused TBI because many symptoms may be delayed before showing up. You can read more details HERE.

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