Marine Video: Taliban Uses Questionable Images to Recruit

YouTube image.

The video of four Marines appearing to urinate on the bodies of slain enemy combatants is being used by the Taliban as a recruiting tool according to The Stars and Stripes.

Taliban leaders have already begun using the video for propaganda. In an emailed statement to the Associated Press, group spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that “During these 10 years American soldiers have tortured our people in various ways, they have shown disrespect to the holy Quran and other holy books, they have burned our bodies, they have killed and tortured our women and children and … have committed other hateful actions.”

To read the full Stars and Stripes article by Leo Shane II HERE.

One Response

  1. It is very difficult exprime with objectivity an opinion as the video may have constructed with art and this aspect must be examined. If we see this video the impression is that marines are urinating on died persons, but I have much difficulty to think that members of a onorable corps have made a such action. The only explications should be that they have not mental faculties, but also in this hypotesis I not think this actions has been posed on.
    I hope that the reality of situation will be verified and marines corp will be reabilited, as the fact no sussist. claudio Alpaca

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