Women Veterans Medical Benefits to Include Newborn Care

The increased numbers of women serving in the military led  the Veterans Administration to reassess benefits for female veterans. A new VA medical benefit includes seven days of care for a newborn delivered by a woman veteran  who has  been receiving maternal care.

A Utah veteran is reportedly the first to receive all her maternal care at the Utah VA Medical  Center according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Another female veteran shared her ideas on  how VA health care could improve services to women veterans.

Carolyn Schapper served in the Army National Guard, deployed to Iraq in2005 and took part in approximately 200 combat patrols. She now volunteers helping with Veterans’ issues, primarily focusing on women in combat.

In a recent post on VAntage – the VA blog – Schapper wrote the VA exceeded her expectations, but she also offered suggestions.

There was still something missing. The majority of the Veterans were not our generation of female Vets. I fully respect the women who have had many difficult battles of their own and I thank them for paving the way for us. I was heartened that the previous generation of women at the event had strong bonds with one another, bonds I hope to continue with the women I’ve served with and the many female Veterans I now call friends.

Yet the most recent generation of female Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan need to be represented too at the VA–those with the largest number of war-related injuries in history, such as, traumatic brain injury (TBI), combat-related PTSD, and amputations. This generation has unique needs that will only be addressed when we show up and request them.

You can find more details on Women Veterans Health Care  HERE.

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