Military Spouse of the Year: Voting Closes Friday at Midnight

Military Spouse magazine holds an annual Military Spouse of the Year competition. Some examples of the 2012 Nominees:

There’s a Marine Corps wife who started a military moms running club called Stroller Warriors. A nominated Army wife is known for her leadership and starting a preschool children’s music and movement program, KinderJam, which became a business.

The 9-year-old daughter of an Air Force wife nominated her mother because of her mom’s volunteer work and how she cares for eveyone:

“When my Daddy was deployed this year, my Mommy moved our entire household into a bigger one, all by herself, just so my 8-year-old sister and I could have our own rooms. She makes sure that no other wives have to go through a deployment by themselves, and she has them over for dinner and offers to babysit their kids so they can have time to themself. She does all of that and never ever expects anything in return.”

A Marine veteran and mother of three is one of the Coast Guard spouse finalists she is also founder of the non-profit Coast Guard Family Organization blog.

There’s a self-described “Army brat turned Navy wife” who serves as is a trainer to Ombudsman and she volunteers with Navy Wives Clubs of America. And there’s the mother of two and wife of a National Guardsman who also serves as the president of the Family Readiness Group for her husband’s unit.

In all there are five finalists for each branch of service. You can view their names, profiles and videos by clicking on the links below. And then vote for your favorite. I’ll warn you, it’s tough making a choice:

Check out the spouses’ stories – if anything else – you can gain some insight into military life. The deadline to vote is MIDNIGHT FRIDAY.

Here’s a video of the 2011 winner accepting her award:

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