Veterans Train Shelter Dogs to Help Those with PTSD

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The use of service dogs to help wounded Veterans is a growing trend. A group of researchers at the University of Missouri are developing a program where veterans living with PTSD are tasked with training shelter dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.

The Mizzou research is called the “Mutual Enrichment – Walking and Training Service Dogs” study. It has three phases as detailed in this EmaxHealth story by Kathleen Blanchard.

The study runs for six months and reportedly there are openings for participates.

Contact information:

Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction, College of Veterinary Medicine, Clydesdale Hall, Annex Two, 900 East Campus Drive, Columbia, MO 65211, Phone 573-882-2266, E-mail:



2 Responses

  1. Never as on this case one may say that pets are the best friends of men,and, specifically, of warriors. This avvalore the animal theraphy that is posed on on hospitals for cancer’s patients.
    I am sure that a pet’s presence surely serve to improve by PTSD and its consequences and I am happy for all buddies on situations of need.
    Claudio alpaca

  2. Lex, in the picture above, is not a shelter dog helping a wounded veteran. He was a bomb sniffing dog. The Marine in the picture, Corporal Dustin Lee, died in combat in ’07 at Fallujah, Iraq. Lex had injuries of shrapnel, and was retired, and adopted by Dusty’s parents. Lex died in 2012 of cancer.

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