Rain Doesn’t Dampen Welcome for Wounded Marine

Curt Lashley stands in wait of the escort. He brought several "Thank You" signs customized with Cpl. Nicholson's name and placed them along the Bayshore median.

It is a gray, cloud shrouded day in Tampa. The wind is brisk and rain intermittent. Yet, the weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of those wanting to wish Marine Cpl. Mike Nicholson home.

Dozens of Patriot Riders as well as members of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and the Tampa Police Department.

As Kathy Alberts put it,”He has put up with an awful lot, the least I can do is put up with a little rain.”

The van with Cpl. Nicholson approaches the intersection at South Boulevard where about a dozen folks came out to wave or hold a flag high as he passed.

There were so many participants it took about two minutes for the entire escort to pass on its way to a welcome home reception at Christ the King Church in South Tampa.

A father and son who came out to Bayshore to honor Cpl. Nicholson.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting my the picture of my tiny Tribute to a Great American Hero Cpl Mike Nichols.
    God, Please Bless America It Really Needs it right now.

  2. I see you met Curt from the Troop Support Alliance.Thanks Bobbi for being out there.supporting our troops and also for being a part of the Welcome Home Escort! U ROCK!!!!

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