Army Drawdown: 9 Things You Need to Know

A Soldier aims an XM25 weapon system at Aberdeen Test Center, Md. Five XM25s are being used now in Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of

The Army Times offers insights into who will feel the biggest impact from the budget-driven drawdown scheduled to begin March 1 such as anyone who can’t pass the PT test, physical fitness test or “terminal” NCOs.

These are the nine areas Army Times staff writers Jim Tice and Lance M. Bacon say to watch:

  1. Enlisted Tenure Rules – soldiers must get promoted within a shorter period of time to be retained.
  2. Fewer Enlisted Promotions – a 6 percent reduction is expected.
  3. New Rules for NCOs – increases in service obligations.
  4. Promotions for Sergeant, Staff Sergeant – 40 percent of the military education points must be NCOES achievements.
  5. Early Outs for Enlisted – the details still to be resolved.
  6. Tougher Officer Promotions – percentages to return to pre-war levels.
  7. Passed Over Officers – selected continuation will be adjusted but remain.
  8. Getting Files in Order – update photos, review records, know when your board convenes.
  9. Kick Out the “Dirtbags” – soldiers with a patterns of misconduct will not be retained.

To get full details, you can read the Army Times article HERE.


2 Responses

  1. As always your blog is very informative. Thanks for wonderful writing.

  2. As a Nation the Military needs the budget cuts and start preparing for the sequester, I appreciate the services of the military but due to the level of people that were allowed to enlist due to war we as a nation can afford not the size of military we do.. I believe they need to start a large separation NOW and not wait until the last minute as they usually do.. I know General Anderson of Ft. Carson Ignores dirty UA’s for his soldiers 4ID chain of command is weak and lazy these are the people we do not need serving. Start the down size and lets get rid of these dirt bag commanders.

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