TBI: A Department of Defense Special Report

A High Definition map of brain fibers. Photo Courtesy of News.Discovery.com.

Almost everything you’ll need to know about traumatic brain injury (TBI) including research, diagnosis and treatment: A Department of Defense Special Report.

  • A study looking at treating mild TBI: The Study of Cognitive Rehabilitation Effectiveness, is examining the value of cognitive rehabilitation therapy treatment for service members with mild TBI.The goal is to find the best treatment for combat troops who are experiencing mild TBI symptoms — such as difficulties with attention, concentration, memory and judgment — three to 24 months post-injury.
  • A study that looks at the link between TBI and PTSD: Service members who suffer mild traumatic brain injuries in combat and then struggle with depression, irritability, alcohol abuse and similar problems after they return home most likely are experiencing post-traumatic stress, rather than brain injury symptoms, according to a new study that tracked Minnesota National Guard soldiers during the last month of their 16-month deployment to Iraq, then again a year after they returned home.
  • The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center provides links and resources to active duty members, veterans and their families: TBI Facts; how Family and Friends can help; information on Sports vs. Military concussions.

Although I found some of the articles were published more than a year ago, the resources and links of this aggregating page are useful: DoD Special Report on TBI.

For some great visuals that show the complexity of the brain’s nerve network in high definition, check out Discovery News online.

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