Purple Heart Day: Florida Sets Aside Aug. 7 to Honor Vets

The Florida Legislature has approved three veteran related bills this session including one that sets aside August 7th each year as Purple Heart Day in Florida.

The legislation does not establish an official government holiday, so state agencies, offices and the courts will remain open. What Purple Heart Day is meant to do: raise awareness and honor veterans who are wounded or have been killed in battle.

The second bill allows veterans to have early registration at public universities that allow early registration for any other group of students such as athletes. Veteran students will get the same priority.

“This will help insure that our veterans will get the necessary courses before their federal benefits run out,” said Steve Murray, spokesman for the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs.

The third bill allows veterans to earn some college credits from public colleges and universities for some of their previous military training.

“That training will be evaluated by the American Council on Education,” Murray said.

The bills will soon be on the governor’s desk for action. Gov. Rick Scott served in the U.S. Navy so it’s a pretty good bet that he will sign these three bills into law especially since the legislation was backed by the Florida Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs, a state agency that he controls.


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