When a Military Spouse Blogger Reaches Out

Lori Volkman's bio photo from her blog: Witty Little Secret.

Lori Volkman, who writes the military spouse blog: Witty Little Secret, wrote an open letter to Kari Bales, the spouse of the Army staff sergeant charged with killing 17 Afghan civilians.

According to Milblogging.com, Volkman’s blog appears to have gone viral and gained her national media attention. But, maybe more important, her blog which strives to support military families, did so for Bales. The Army spouse responded to Volkman’s outreach and posted a response.

The Witty Little Secret post: “Open Letter to Kari Bales”. An excerpt:

“Dear Kari,

I can’t imagine the thud you felt in your heart and the ice that coursed in your veins when you heard a knock and saw a uniform standing at your front door. I can’t fully imagine the fear and the shock and the way that you couldn’t breathe as you thought about what this visit could possibly be about. Was probably about.

And then, the relief in your stomach that quickly turned to sickness when the shock wore off that your husband was alive, only to be told that something terrible had happened for which your husband was the primary suspect.

A portion of Kari Bales’ response posted on Witty Little Secret. An excerpt:

“When I read your letter I began shaking and crying. You had so eloquently summed up all of the questions and emotions that I had been feeling since my whole world had been turned upside down. I am not looking at the news very much these days. Instead I read your letter every night before I go to bed and let all of the supportive words and prayers sink in.

Check out Witty Little Secret for more on her journey as a military spouse, lawyer, mother and blogger who describes herself:

I cry sometimes, write sometimes, and I do a lot of stinking laundry at 10:30 pm. I’m an over-achieving sarcastic wordsmith with inappropriate thoughts and a desire to make sense of it all.

In this case, she has helped and given perspective to at least one military spouse, Kari Bales.

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  1. Thanks for the repost of this story, Bobbie. I can confirm for you – it has indeed gone viral … over 1,000 links to the story on Facebook, a CNN interview, an NBC news story, and a write-up in Newsweek’s “Daily Beast.” Not to mention nearly 400 comments (most of support) and around 20,000 internet views since it all started on March 19th. What has been amazing is not just the impact it had on Kari Bales, but on all the others who have jumped in to lend their support and offer their prayers. It was a good reminder about the power of words and the responsibility we have as writers.

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