4 Things You Can Do for Military Children this Month

Photo by Cpl. Theodore Ritchie (courtesy of Real Warriors campaign)

Children growing up in military families also serve by having a parent who could be deployed at any time and a family unit that likely has to move every few years to a new PCS (Permanent Change of Station).

So, the Real Warriors campaign, established by the Defense Centers of Excellence, has some suggestions on how you can acknowledge a Military Child you may know or all Military Children:

  1. Volunteer to write letters or do activities together – Flags Across the Nation brings military families together to write letters to deployed service members, make blankets for wounded warriors and create art using Flags Across the Nation’s free online coloring pages to send to warriors.
  2. Color in story books specially designed for military children – Download and print the coloring sheets Goodbyes are Hard [PDF 812KB], I Can Do That! [PDF 792KB] and Coloring Book Pages for Kids [PDF 2.2MB], or ask your family readiness group or military family life consultant how to find additional coloring books.
  3. Create and populate a family page – Military Families Near and Far encourages families to work together to develop a family page within the website. Families can create artwork, write stories or record messages and add them to the family scrapbook on your family page. The  Sesame Workshop online tool can help  family stay connected during deployment.
  4. Learn about a parent’s deployment – “Where are You Going?” on MilitaryKidsConnect.org helps children explore the country where a deployed parent is located and learn about cultural elements such as typical foods, traditional clothing and language. The interactive map can help families cope with separation.

More tips on how to honor and celebrate the Month of the Military Child are available HERE.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for this post- I am an ARMY mom to my 21 y/o daughter, Janessa. And as I sit here alone on Easter Sunday (husband and son working a double making vacationer’s dreams come true, so I can be mad at that.) I’m taken back at your Easter Post and wanted to say thank you for writing such an important post to remind me of what’s most important today. Especially today.

    • While your daughter may be 21, you probably remember times coloring or playing with her. I guess this post doesn’t really help with her now. But, I will find you some special things you can do as adults. And thanks for being an Army Mom – YOU SERVE TOO!

  2. […] 4 Things You Can Do for Military Children this Month. Posted on April 8 2012 by Bobbie O’Brien. Photo by Cpl. Theodore Ritchie courtesy of Real Warriors campaign Children growing up in military families also serve by having a parent who.…4 Things You Can Do for Military Children this Month Off The Base […]

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