Military Children: Are They Heroes?

Molly prepares to march in MacDill AFB's parade April 2, 2012 kicking off Military Child Month. Her dad serves with the maintenance squadron.

Are the lives that Military Children lead truly heroic? Does it lessen the definition of hero by characterizing a Military Child as a hero for living with the stresses of a military life they did not choose?

Stacy Bare, a National Military Family and Veterans Representative, Sierra Club, asked those questions and offered his answers in a Huffington Post blog entry:

So, yeah, military kids are our youngest heroes, and if someone asks you, “are we diluting the word hero, by equating that word with military kids?” you can tell him or her we’re strengthening the word hero, not lessening it, when we use it to describe our Nation’s military kids.

There is a credible argument that the term “hero” has been overused or misused in some circumstances, but is this one?

Do you think a military child is a hero?


4 Responses

  1. Yes, they are big heroes. they are the moral support of all warriors, they are the moral support of loved ones, of family. Their war is a war to support soldiers resilience and enhance it. As soldiers they have to combat a silent war for the deployement of daddies, but they have the capacity to combat with a uncommon dignity. Hi, little buddies, we appreciate you, your corage, skill and resilience, we appreciate your heroism claudio alpaca

  2. Absolutely! In my non-profit, Operation Hug-A-Hero, we like to refer to them as our Littlest Heroes. I do not believe it takes away from the word Heroes, who are serving on active duty or who have served. Our military children are serving too. They did not sign up for what they have to endure day in and day out, but they sure learn very important aspects and ways of life early on like Courage, Bravery and being Proud. Hats off to all our Heroes, Little and Big!

  3. I agree! They are our littlest Heroes!
    The term got over used by including pro athletes. They didn’t do anything heroic. They performed and were over paid to do it, then they cry wolf!! A sports celebrity, yes, hero, NO.
    Pat Tillman showed he was a hero, Rocky Bleier is another, but it is slim pickings after that.

  4. Most definitely — military children ARE heroes and deserve our thanks and support.

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