Military Spouse Learns of Husband’s Death on Facebook

Ariell Taylor-Brown (Photo courtesy

It’s happening more often with the growth of social media – a military family learns of the death of a loved one before official notice.

This time it was Ariell Taylor-Brown who learned of the death of her husband, Staff Sgt. Christopher Brown, two hours before Army soldiers arrived at her home with the official notice according to Columbus, Ohio station NBC4:

“I was told via Facebook,” said Taylor-Brown. “It was a girl in his platoon. She wrote to me and told me to call her immediately,” Taylor-Brown said.

Taylor-Brown called her, and the soldier told her of the death. Taylor-Brown, who has two children and is pregnant with the couple’s third was at home alone with the kids.

She told me over the phone, right in front of my kids and I completely had a meltdown. She wasn’t supposed to but I guess she took it on her own power to do it,” she said.

Staff Sgt. Brown had been in Afghanistan just a week, starting his fourth deployment, when he  was killed. Brown, was killed April 3 in Afghanistan after he died of wounds suffered in an IED attack according to

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  1. Operation Hug-A-Hero would like to help this family by providing dolls to her children. This is so sad and devastating. It should have never happened this way. Please let me know how to reach either a chaplain in touch with her family or a Family Readiness Officer.

  2. Ariell, it is hard to accept the death of his husband, but, be sure, He is on the arms of the Fathers and live on eternity. You may ear He say: “Ariell, be not sad, have serenity as I am where no light of sun or lamp need, as God light me. I am on your heart and i am am ever and for ever with You”.
    Ariell, have serenity. My thoughts and my praayers are for You. Claudio Alpaca

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  4. What a sad way to find out about the death of your spouse. I’m sure the person meant well and didn’t mean to inflict any emotional harm to the wife and children. Thank goodness someone was going to be at the doorstep shortly after she found out. 4th deployment seems excessive! God Bless This Family.

  5. This lady needs to contact for herself and her children. THEY ARE A GREAT ORGINAZION FOR THE FAMILIES

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