Operation Hug-A-Hero Reaches Out to a Gold Star Family


Photo courtesy of Operation Hug-A-Hero.

Operation Hug-A-Hero, a non-profit organization that provides “Daddy Dolls” to children of deploying troops, offered free “Daddy Dolls” to the three children of Staff Sgt. Brown. He was killed earlier this month a week after arriving in Afghanistan on his fourth deployment.

Hug-A-Hero executive director Lisa Berg reached out after hearing Ariell Taylor-Brown learned on Facebook that her husband had been killed two hours before Army officers arrives with official notice.

Lisa  wrote in the comments:

Operation Hug-A-Hero would like to help this family by providing dolls to her children. This is so sad and devastating. It should have never happened this way.

Operation Hug-A-Hero holds fund-raisers to cover the cost of providing the dolls to military children.

2 Responses

  1. We are so sorry to hear the loss of any of our fallen heroes. Operation Give A Hug has been quietly and without any need for recognition has been donating to children of deployed parents since 2004 we believe and has.now helped 500,000 children so far! So anyone in the military in need of the real huggable plush daddy/mommy huggeemissyou dolls that you can put pictures in of whom you love contact Susan at susan@operationgiveahug.org or call at 1 253 691 9391 to get your FREE huggs. FRG leaders especially should call and get for all the children in need. God Bless all who help and God Bless this Military Mom Susan who has been quietly helping so many.

  2. It seem be, it is an indications of love and solidarity toward You, Ariell, and your sons. I am happy for You, more more happy than I win lottery.
    God never abandon his sons; on the contrary it is on moment such this that He is near us, more than ever. Sincerily Claudio Alpaca

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