Beyond the Battlefield: Vets Stories, HuffPost Win Pulitzer

Pulitzer Prize medal.(AP Photo/ho)

There are as many stories as there are veterans and wars. And, the Huffington Post winning a Pulitzer Prize is a credit to those wounded warriors and their families who were willing to tell their story. My congratulations to the military families and to the HuffPost.

The Huffington Post followed the life-stories of severely wounded veterans after returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The 10 part series, Beyond the Battlefield, chronicles the struggles of once powerful warriors and their loved ones to adjust.

July 4, 2010, was a bad day for Tyler Southern. He dreamed he was with his older brothers, playing sandlot football, running and laughing, horsing around just like they used to when they were together as kids in Jacksonville, Fla.

In his dream, he was whole again.

Then he awoke in his hospital bed at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., and reality came flooding back. Both of his legs and his right arm were gone, blown off in Afghanistan two months earlier by an improvised explosive device so powerful that only bits of his legs and boots were ever found. The explosion left one remaining limb, his left arm, broken and mangled.

You can read more of Beyond the Battlefield HERE.


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