Military Families: The Strength of One Child

This photo is from Kaitlyn's 2012 Relay for Life page. In the Japanese culture, the crane is a symbol of honor, loyalty and peace which exemplify her and her military family.

If I’ve learned anything about military families, it is that they pull together when faced with adversity. Their strength is a special bond forged through frequent moves and dangerous deployments.

Another remarkable thing about military families – despite their size and age – military children can be as mature and as mentally strong any adult.

That said, I bring you the story of Kaitlyn Gatewood. I know her dad. He’s a Public Affairs Officer for Tampa’s MacDill AFB 6th Air Mobility Wing. During one of the many press events at the base, I got to meet Katie.

Her hair was short – growing back after aggressive chemotherapy. And, she had bracelets with lovely beads – each signifying a trip to the hospital. Kaitie was diagnosed almost two years ago with of Acute Meyloid Leukemia, a rare form that affects only 500 children a year.

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