Military Child Month: A Video Honoring Their Service

Two quick things about this video that celebrates April as Military Child month.

First, it is produced in remembrance of U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti, Medal of Honor (posthumous) 2009.

Second, watch for the daughter of Off the Base contributor Jackie Dorr. Paisley appears in the video 3:18 in holding her “Daddy Doll.”

Sending a virtual hug to all the children of military parents, in my experience, you can never get enough hugs!


6 Responses

  1. I never would have known had it not been for you!

  2. I shutter to think of all that you have taught me – all that I would never have known. Thank you for your contributions and sharing your military life.

    • oh now i know you are being waaay to ogenerous with your words 😉

      • I have to agree with Bobbie!
        But also include Bobbie, Dorie, Tracie, Michelle, and Liisa with you Jackie…in that all of you and others have opened eyes, minds and hearts here, with your insights to your lives and the lives of others. You have given with your openness; triumph, compassion, spirit, greatness and goodness, to hurt, pain and suffering, to trials and tragedy.
        I have learned a lot and feel a part of your lives.
        All I can say is…THANK YOU!!!

  3. Call OPERATION GIVE A HUG as they will help children of deployed parents with their amazing deployment program. 1-253-691-9391 or to get your FREE original daddy doll.

  4. Kids, when we may not see a person this iis not as they are not existing or living.
    They are on the second phase of the life, the phase of the eternity. They are now with The Father, on the home where no saddness exist, where no light of sun or lamp need, as their lamp is God.
    I understand that we are sad, some times. This is human.
    But, my childs, have the certainity that your daddies, your loved ones are on your hearts and you may ear their voice saying you, every you:”My baby, be not sad, as, even if you may not see me, I am with you, I pray for you, I known your thoughts and necessities.I never will abandon you. Have serenity, my baby” .
    Claudio Alpaca

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