4 Ways the White House Plans to Stop “GI Bill” Predators

Photo courtesy of Education Portal.com

Not waiting for Congress to act, President Barack Obama will sign an executive order Friday aimed at protecting military families and veterans from the deceptive practices of some for-profit colleges.

Recipients of the GI Bill are often targeted by “diploma mills” because of the “easy availability of the federal loan money.” The order will make it harder for post-secondary and technical schools to misrepresent themselves.

Four protective actions aimed at preventing the predatory practices:

  1. “Know Before You Owe – Schools will be required to provide this federal form explaining financial aid to veterans and military personnel on he GI Bill.
  2. Schools that Comply – The VA will post on its website which schools have agreed to follow the executive order and follow the protections.
  3. Registering the “GI Bill” – To protect the term from being misused, the VA will register the term.
  4. Complaint Central – the federal government is ordered to establish one central location where veterans and military families can report a problem or file a complaint making it easier for federal agencies to investigate.

The VA website offers a step-by-step process to the GI Bill, programs and benefits.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) has a very helpful site that a GI Bill  calculator as well as advice from a fellow Vet and information about schools.

The Student Veterans Association revoked its chapters at 26 for-profit schools because of suspect marketing practices.

3 Responses

  1. An oculate and tempestive decision on the aim to protect warriors and veterans by fraud. This should not exist, as no person or association should may fraud the bona fides of people and, especially, of people who serve and has served us. I wish that presidential decision may serve to avoid any fraud temptativs. claudio alpaca

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  3. What about when bad vets take advantage of the GI bill? Here’s a navy vet, Matthew Alexander McDuffie, who in San Diego, CA, attended a vocational school for medical assistant training, then another school for pharmacy tech training, all to keep milking his GI bill, only to caught on camera while posing as a trusted caregiver for a family raising a severely autistic man. McDuffie was just convicted of 2 misdemeanors in the abuse of this autistic man. What a waste of the GI bill.


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