Hiring Veterans Is About More than Just Providing a Job

Photo courtesy of themilitarywallet.com

Employing Veterans requires more than just recruitment and hiring, it must include, training, assimilation and retention says Nathan Herman, who served in a Marine tank battalion in Iraq and is now Executive Director of Military and Veterans Affairs at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Herman writes in the Huffington Post:

Looking back now, 11 years later almost to the day of my arrival in Baghdad, I find myself locked in a different but similar type of struggle.

My goal is to collectively hire 100,000 veterans with members of the 100,000 Jobs Mission and build a long term strategy to hire, train, assimilate and retain these veterans.

Like the “shock and awe” operations of Operation Iraqi Freedom, there are many public efforts underway to raise awareness about veteran unemployment — efforts which are absolutely necessary but only part of the battle plan.

Herman is calling for a national discussion and attention to providing veterans the skills and support they need to turn a new job into a long-term career.

You can access a Veterans Job Bank through the National Resources Directory.

A wide range of Veterans employment programs are available through the White House Joining Forces website.


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  1. I concorde as, following this line, veterans may feel itself part of army and not extraniated by them. A training may done them the ability to best accept their situation and this may be a care of the phycological aspect of TBI and PTSD. If I am considered part of the army, this signify I have conserved my skill and resilience, my capacities; this the thoughts. Yes, this is the right way claudio alpaca

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