6 Steps to Ensure Accountability for Veterans Education

Details from the VA blog, VAntage Point, on President Barack Obama’s Executive Order signed Friday:

  1. Help Ensure Military and Veteran Students Have the Information They Need: Schools that accept  GI Bill tuition will be required to provide the Know Before You Owe financial aid form, which will help inform students on tuition and fees, federal financial aid, and outcomes like graduation rates. We’ll list the schools that participate in the program on our website.
  2. Keep Bad Actors Off of Military Installations:  Schools with a history of poor behavior in their recruitment strategies will be prevented from setting up shop on military bases.
  3. Crack Down on Improper Online Recruiting Practices: Websites with military and Veteran themes have cropped up to give information on programs like the GI Bill, but they often are lead generators that direct students to for-profit schools. We’ve warned Veterans about these sites in the past. To combat this, the order will initiate the process for VA to trademark “GI Bill” in order to avoid confusion on which sites provide accurate information, and which siphon off students to their advertisers.
  4. Provide Veterans with a Complaint System: A centralized complaint system will be established for students receiving using military and Veteran education benefits. Also, the enforcement and compliance functions of those DOD, VA and the Education Department will be strengthened.
  5. Improve Support Services for Service Members and Veterans: Schools must take a leading role to meet the needs of student Veterans. They will provide educational plans for students, academic and financial aid counseling, and a streamlined process to enroll or dis-enroll if service-related reasons come up.
  6. Provide Students with Better Data on Educational Institutions: Retention and completion rates of Veterans are not currently tracked. This will change that in order to measure success of government and academic efforts to help Veterans complete their education.

One Response

  1. The relevance and importancy of 6 steps is evident, such evident that no word may be added.
    The only possibility is the constatation that now service members and veterans are garanted by frauds and may have the security lost by prior frauds.
    I plause this important initiative and am happy for members and veterans for the reconquered security, that, if important for anyone, is essential for them. claudio Alpaca

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