Army Issuing Ballistic Briefs to Deploying Soldiers

An IED blast.

Couldn’t pass up this article from even though it was posted last October:

Deploying Soldiers will have several new items in their kit when they deploy, including ballistic underwear designed to mitigate some of the effects of an improvised explosive device, or IED, blast.

During a round table session with PEO Soldier Oct. 6, Col. William Cole, project manager for Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment, highlighted some of the new equipment Soldiers will be seeing in the field.

In Afghanistan, improvised explosive devices are causing an increased number of lower body injuries, including the groin area, during dismounted operations.

One of the most common injuries is blunt trauma pelvic injuries, causing fractures in the middle of the pelvis. This life-threatening injury, caused by propelled fragments at high velocity, leads to internal bleeding and is challenging to treat. Carrying a high immediate mortality of approximately 10 percent, rising to more than 40 percent, these fragments can cause severe damage upon penetration.

PEO Soldier worked to develop a two-tier system to provide additional protection to the Soldier.

The first tier is an undergarment similar to a boxer brief, that is made with Kevlar to protect against debris entering a wound. The second tier is an over garment worn outside the uniform that is designed to provide ballistic protection in the front and rear as well as underneath. The briefs only weigh a few ounces and the over garment weighs about one pound, but Cole said it has a meaningful amount of Kevlar for protection.

We’ll follow-up to see how effective the new protection system has been in the field.


One Response

  1. What this signify on term os security, more resilience and skill, movement liberty on war theatre is known and understood by alls.
    Ballistic protections will assure by IED, blunt, trauma, and any other factors may be a live risk.
    On name on warriors I thanks for all new ballistic items will protect thei live and prevent death and disabling wounds
    Claudio alpaca

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