A “Former” Wounded Warrior and Silver Star Banner Day

Silver Star Families of America photographer Shawn Johnson.

May 1st is Silver Star Banner Day – a day set aside to honor combat wounded military members and their families.

The Silver Star Families of America was formed to recognize, remember, honor and assist those combat wounded, ill and dying armed forces members.

The organization has several projects listed on its website such as collecting used sports equipment and MP3 players for  injured service members and a free prayer blanket for wounded warriors in Hospice care.

How do you “define” a Wounded Warrior?

For most, it is a military service member injured during combat. The wounds can be visible or invisible, but the service member is changed.

But, is it fair to label that warrior as “wounded” – forever – despite visible wounds? One soldier doesn’t think so and is redefining how civilians and his fellow soldiers should think about those injured in combat. The Stars and Stripes has his profile:

Is Army Capt. D.J. Skelton a wounded warrior?

It sounds like a trick question. Insurgents attacked him in Iraq with a rocket-propelled grenade in 2004. His face and body were permanently damaged. The loss of his left eye is Skelton’s most visible injury, but in many ways it’s the least of his physical concerns. He’ll be going to hospitals and doctors for the rest of his life. His scars will always form part of new acquaintances’ first impressions.

“So I spend the rest of my life bumping into things on my left,” he said. “So what.”

It’s an accomplishment just that Skelton is still on active duty. He returned to the infantry last year after more than six years away. He served as a company commander in the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment in Panjouway district, Afghanistan.

He was selected for promotion to major last month and will head to China this fall as a foreign-area officer.

You can read the full profile of Army Capt. D.J. Skelton HERE.


One Response

  1. Define a warrior wounded is not reductive of his capacities, braverie, resilience. The abjective wounded is merely referred to a reality, that is that of war, either for visible o invisible wound. Olimpic games are reserved them.
    The same on civil society. Citizens may be wound or not, withouth this determine their qualification of citizens. Also there we have citizens with handicap who play olimpic game. There are no difference.
    A man is ever a man and it is not his physical aspect that determine his qualities.
    Have no honte to be defined wounded, as this is not reeductive; on the contrary a wounded warrior is a warrior that has made his duty not avoiding situations at risk for is life on the interess of people and freedom. Wounds are, for him, like award. Claudio Alpaca

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