Military Teens Learn Resilience as Backpack Journalists

Backpack Journalists Emarah Cousar (left) and Kat Boynton (right) pose with Navy Capt. Paul Hammer, DCoE director, at the Warrior Resilience Conference in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Linda Dennis/A Backpack Journalist)

As a journalist, this idea excites me. Military children learning the ability to recover and be flexible by practicing reporting and photography along with other forms of creative expression.

Take for instance 16-year-old Kat Boynton who recently covered the annual “Warrior Resilience Conference.”

“I can be eye-to-eye with a three-star general and have a conversation and the confidence to speak well and present myself,” Boynton told Robyn Mincher with the Defense Centers of Excellence Strategic Communications.

Boynton’s father and brother are in the Army National Guard and both have deployed. She is participating in the Backpack Journalist program.

“Regardless of where I end up, the life lessons and skills that I’m learning [from Backpack] will go wherever I’m going,” Boynton said.

Backpack Journalist creator and manager,  Linda Dennis said her idea was to engage military teens in learning resilience and life skills through artistic expression.

That expression has even taken the form of a music video, “PTS Won’t Stop Me.”

The program also is expanding to include an Internet webcast called Veterans Info Channel, a documentary about equestrian therapy for wounded warriors, and a partnership with Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

You can contact Backpack Journalist for details on available summer camps.


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  1. When an idea birth by heart this idea is productive of love, thoughts and sentiments that are trasmitted directly to others and create a bring beetween minds and generations. This is the case of the idea object of the article for whom I thanks. Honor to ideator. Claudio Alpaca

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