Federal Thrift Savings Plan Records Hacked

Personal information including Social Security numbers for 123,000 accounts with the Thrift Savings Plan was stolen a year ago. The TSP serves federal employees, service members and their beneficiaries.

The Army Times reports:

The attack occurred in July, but the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board and Serco were not aware of it until they were notified last month by the FBI,  Kim Weaver, spokeswoman for the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, which manages the TSP program, said. The infected computer was immediately shut down and the security of all TSP and Serco systems was reviewed.

The contractor, Serco Inc., which provides services for more than four million federal employees, was targeted in the attack. From Serco’s press release:

There is no evidence of any funds being diverted or identity theft resulting from the incident.  An extensive forensic analysis of the data also shows no indication that the TSP network, which supports TSP’s 4.5 million participants, was subjected to unauthorized access.

Approximately 43,000 individuals had their personal information including name, address and Social Security number potentially compromised.  An additional 80,000 may have had their social security numbers compromised but there is no indication that additional identifying information was also included with those particular individuals.

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board sent letters to the affected TSP account holders Friday with details for call center  and how to get free credit monitoring.


One Response

  1. A note of FRTIB has tranquilized interessed people that this has happened and that there are not problems for them. Any act has posed on for the tutela of anyone, and this done security.
    The hackers are reaching a fort assalult to DOD insititutions, like a war. this is a cyberwar and we willm win it surely claudio alpaca

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