Military Suicides: One Soldier’s Perspective

The surge in military suicides this year – now averaging one a day – prompted a look for solutions. Below is a portion of an entry written by CJ for the military blog: A Soldier’s Perspective: Suicide Prevention is Attainable.

No amount of education, awareness, or training on the topic is going to do a lick of good if we, as leaders, don’t have the interests of our troops first and foremost in our minds. It is imperative that we know our troops personally as well as professionally. We must understand – really understand – the indicators that lead to these thoughts.

As LTG Hororo says below (and GEN Chiarelli frequently noted), even one suicide is one too many. That’s not just a catchy phrase. Every single suicide can be prevented if every single Soldier understands their value in this life. I look back on all that’s happened, positive and negative, since that dark night in June 2010.

There is so much that I would have missed out on. There are so many lives that I have positively affected and have positively affected me because I allowed them to help me. I reached out when I felt that all was lost. I picked up the phone when I wanted to pick up that pistol.

The Army’s comprehensive list of Suicide Prevention Program information is located at

Suicide prevention training resources for Army families can be accessed at (requires Army Knowledge Online access to download materials).


4 Responses

  1. Anyone must have the courage to help others, anyone must have the courage to ask help, to launch a SOS.
    If we know a buddy, a warriors need help, we have no problem to aid him.
    Attache no stigma to the problem, ask help for receive help and be not afraid.
    All of us may have the same problem, alls are disposable to don aid. claudio alpaca

  2. The truth is that there are many factors to why suicides in the Army are rising, but it’s important to note that they are rising in the civilian sector as well. Unlike the civilian sector, Soldiers have access to programs and help the civilian sector can only HOPE to enjoy. Soldiers receive numerous briefings on suicide prevention and how to recognize the signs in our fellow troops.

  3. These warriors need our help

  4. Is there a buddy system for when they get out? If not there should be! No one left behind!

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