Suicide Prevention Conference Details Shared in Tweets

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki speaking at the suicide prevention conference. Photo courtesy of the VA blog.

One of the marvels of Twitter is that the format forces you to focus information in pinpoint detail. It makes the ideas more easy to consume in short spurts versus a long, several-page speech.

Here are a few examples of  “Tweets” from #suicideprevention shared during the three-day, VA and Department of Defense annual conference:

  • Secretary Shinseki: 2 out of 3 Vets who commit suicide aren’t enrolled in VA care. We don’t get a shot at helping them.
  • Vets Crisis Line stats: 600K calls since 2007, 22K rescues. Both vets and active duty.
  • Secretary Shinseki: VA hired 4,000 mental health pros in last 4 years, will rise to 22,000 soon.

The Defense Centers for Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury offers 24/7 help for suicide prevention:

  • Call the Veterans Outreach Center at 866-966-1020
  • Email  for help
  • Go online for a Live Chat

The Suicide Prevention Conference concludes Friday. The agenda, speakers list and opportunity for live viewing is available HERE.


One Response

  1. To speak of a problem is a way to affront it, eviscerate all aspects possible, individue treatment for resolve it and establish cares.
    For suicide human subjective components is predominant. All warriors, stressed by years of war, war theater’s scenes, who have been subject of several TBI forms, have a specific personal reaction.
    i advert necessity to assure them tyhat suicide is not a solution. Why have saved live on war? Is the enemy is on yourself? No. than stress, even when all seem insurmontable, is only a moment of a hard war, a war where you are not alone. Would you combat it togheter? Speak us, ask our aid. You are waiting your request, we have armed ourself of all arms may kill those negative thoughts are traversing your minds.
    even if i am not a warrior, I have more health problems, that seem difficult to care, that are difficult sto care as genetic and oncologic, interrelated each others, interessing all organism tissue. On many moment I advert negatif thougths. My faith aid me. I pray God telling him.”God, you have suffered on Getsemani, you known the signify of sadness, aid me to affront this moment on the manner you have affronted your: abbandoning me to The Father” immediatily what seemed insuperable assume other aspect and a particular force seem invade me: My skill in enhanced and I am prepared to affront difficulties.
    buddies, I ask You to make the same, my prayers and my thoughts are for you. Claudio Alpaca

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