Military Dog Picture of the Week and Afghanistan Video

Sgt. Anouska, a Tactical Explosive Detection Dog, has just found detonation cord under a T-wall and now stands at attention to let his handler know that he has found some explosives. This was a demonstration showcasing different types of military dogs and their capabilities at International Security Assistance Force Regional Command-South headquarters on Kandahar Air Field.
(Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jimmie Crockett)

Thanks to the generosity and dedication of fellow blogger Kevin Hanrahan – you get a glimpse of the ongoing work and life of military dogs and their trainers.

Kevin posted the photo above of Sgt. Anouska on June 20, 2012. I’m late sharing it, but couldn’t pass it up. The working military dog is so attentive – so intense – reminds me of the focus a new recruit learns in boot camp.

Well done Sgt. Anouska.

Kevin also featured this video from Afghanistan that he described as:  ctually footage of  Working Dog Diego “sniffing it” Khandahar style:


One Response

  1. What a dog may do. We may sinthetyze on this phrase the ability of dog soldiers, as this is their title, working to defend live of warriors and also civilians. Their action’s ray is soo waste that we may not limit their activity to an act. On the contrary an act may done visibility so such actions. They done also confort and moral aid to warriors, troops and, withouth limitation, we may confirm their title of “friends of men”.
    Thanks “Diego”. Claudio Alpaca

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