Fourth of July Fireworks Not for All Veterans

English: fireworks seen across the at Washingt...

Fireworks seen across the river Washington, D.C. Photo credit: Wikipedia

I have always loved the Fourth of July holiday.  Growing up in a small town, it was a holiday filled with fun. Parades, swimming, picnics and ending with fireworks, all without the family anxiety and expectations of other holidays.

My views are changing now that I am an Army mom.

I am learning that for many of our military members and veterans the fireworks that top off the Fourth of July celebrations are not a fun ending to a carefree day. The booming sounds of the fireworks sound too much like the bombs and mortar fire of a war zone. The loud booms bring these warriors back to the war zone. Many will go to great lengths to be far from an area hosting a fireworks display.

So many of us with family members in the military have to make changes in the way we lead our lives. While not every soldier or veteran will have the same reaction, it is important for family members to be aware of potential triggers for our service member. The National Center for PTSD website lists helpful information for family members.

If your service member does have a traumatic stress diagnosis Gift From Within, a nonprofit offers help for the person with the diagnosis and the people who love them.

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  2. This is true. The sound of fireworks is not a pleasable sound for veterans affected by PTSD. Their minds naturally return to war’s theatre and the reaction is negative, also for those who have not, apparently, negatif reactions.PTSD may be controlled, but a care is not possible, as all that may remembe war theatre evoque and determine an interior situation that is not well. We are with you, veterans, and support you on this holyday. You are part of us for ever claudio alpaca

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